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steam wallpaper stripper dts5800 240v 

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Category: Painting & Decorating

Brand: Wagner Spraytech

Delivery Time: Next Day Delivery

RRP Price: £ 87.98




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the dts 5800 steam wallpaper stripper ensures that you get rid of your old wallpaper really quickly and easily thanks to the 2 chamber system this unit needs just 3 minutes before it is ready to start - and this is in spite of the particularly large tank capacity of 58 litresbut this unit can do even morewith the special accessory sets you can convert it into a steam cleaner set in an instant so your whole home and not just the walls will sparkle with a new freshnesstechnical datapower rating 2000 wattsteaming time max 120 minsteaming power 50 gminreservoir capacity 58 litreshose length 35mweight of the steamer plate 300g

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